More Value Per Square Foot™

RunBrook's consultants, energy modeling professionals, energy raters and field inspectors add more value per square foot by optimizing the sustainable design and construction process. Our extensive expertise, strategic guidance and streamlined approach help clients easily secure green building certifications, comply with building codes, commission building energy systems, market their efforts, lower costs, increase profits and benefit from millions of dollars in above-code incentives.

green building rating systems

Green Building Rating System Insight

Considering LEED, NGBS, FGBC, Green Globes, ENERGY STAR or other certifications? Which rating system is best suited to your project? Our team works with ownership and design-team professionals to develop green building certification strategies and verification plans that feature clear specifications for the construction team.      

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Energy Ratings

As your project moves into construction, our team of energy raters and inspectors will be there to meet your code compliance, above-code verification or quality-control needs. We're experts in blower door testing, duct leakage testing, ventilation/exhaust system performance testing, thermal bypass inspections, home energy rating and more for single family, multifamily and commercial projects throughout the U.S.

tax incentives

Incentives for Above-Code Projects

There are a variety of incentives for developers and building owners that invest in above-code design and construction practices. We have helped our customers take advantage of millions of dollars in incentives, including the EPAct 179D federal tax deduction worth up to $1.80 per square foot and the 45L federal tax credit worth up to $2,000 per dwelling. RunBrook has also helped clients take advantage of the HUD mortgage interest premium rate reduction program for energy efficiency and qualify for insurance benefits available for construction practices that mitigate risk.


Building Energy Modeling

Building energy modeling forms the technical foundation of all the work we do. We use energy models to comply with green building programs, to help our customers qualify for above-code incentive programs, to forecast future utility use and to value engineer the merits of energy-related building improvements, such as solar photovoltaic systems.