Why RunBrook?


Better buildings and sustainable improvements bring a lot of benefits. They qualify for tax incentives, cost less to operate through lower bills and meet state and federal requirements. In addition, because stakeholders value them, they generate more profits, offer positive publicity opportunities and can help you attract and retain qualified personnel and tenants.

RunBrook has the experience, expertise and knowledge to help you achieve more value per square foot via more sustainable buildings and a better bottom line. As we work together, you’ll find that your goals are our number-one priority and that our streamlined process makes implementation a breeze. This is possible through our unique approach consisting of three key areas: 


First, we find out what drives your green building efforts. We understand that a project simply trying to meet regulatory requirements will differ from a project striving to exemplify cutting-edge building performance. Other drivers to consider might include ease of permitting, marketing and public relations efforts, consumer demand, tax incentives, mortgage insurance reductions, utility cost savings, investor demands and your company's mission.


Next, we present you with custom options based on your goals and our expertise in a concise, easy-to-understand format. It’s important to us that you can clearly see the pros and cons of each choice. We’re not tied to a particular rating system or method so that we can find the approach that works best for the current project, and we’re happy to present additional details and explanations for further clarification. 


Then, as we implement our strategy, you'll find that our value lies in our unique, streamlined implementation process. As your project needs it, we provide green building education, design-team collaboration, value engineering, energy modeling, home energy ratings, blower-door testing, duct-leakage testing, green building construction management, utility monitoring and marketing team collaboration. 

In addition, RunBrook stands out based on our following key differentiators: 

·       More value per square foot: We maximize value in all aspects of green buildings, energy ratings and tax incentives in order to boost profits and the bottom line for all of your building initiatives via permitting ease, operational cost savings, quality control, marketing and tax incentives.

·       Decades of experience: We’ve been helping our clients increase value in their sustainable and green buildings for nearly two decades since we were one of the first green-building consultants in the Southeast.

·       Unique, streamlined process and approach: Our significant industry experience is used to apply a unique, innovative, streamlined and tailored approach emphasizing a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, green building education and construction management, design-team collaboration, value engineering, energy modeling, multi-disciplinary thinking, agile deployment, cost competitiveness and greater profits.

·       Enable you to focus on what matters: We make sustainable-building initiatives simple and painless so you can focus on running your business, strategic planning, making decisions and driving new sales.

·       Easy certification attainment: We make it easy to secure the green building certifications most relevant for each of your projects, such as LEED, NGBS, Green Globes, ENERGY STAR and more.

·       More efficient buildings: We help make your buildings run as efficiently as possible by conducting energy audits and making recommendations for how to improve efficiency, thus reducing building energy use and helping you secure all relevant certifications and tax incentives.

·       Reduced costs, more profits: By getting your project certified, increasing efficiency and qualifying for tax incentives, we seek to reduce your costs and boost your bottom line.

·       Marketing opportunities: We help our clients to market back their green efforts in order to raise visibility and recognition for their projects, thus bolstering company value.

·       Regulatory compliance: We make it easy for you to comply with federal and state regulations, thus saving you time and money.

·       Unparalleled expertise and knowledge: After decades in the industry, we understand the best approach to building green and saving green, and our seasoned team uses this knowledge to tailor specific strategies and tactics to maximize value for all of our clients.


This is why building owners and developers around the country count on our solutions, and why designers, builders and service providers want us on their team from the start.