More Value per Square Foot™ for Production Home Builders

RunBrook's consultants, energy modeling professionals, energy raters, and field inspectors add more value per square foot by optimizing the sustainable design and construction process. Our streamlined services help clients comply with building code, commission building energy systems, secure green building certifications, and take advantage of millions in above code incentives.


Green certifications, blower door testing and other sustainability and energy-related features are increasingly required by building codes, regulations, permitting, and financing. RunBrook's specialists are here to help you develop the right strategy so that your project not only meets these requirements, but also maximizes value through available incentives. For example, depending on the requirement, we can help determine the green rating system to use that will best fit your project's needs and goals, such as LEED, National Green Building Standard, or Green Globes. Our team can also determine whether tax and other incentives are available to you. Where blower door testing is required, our processes are built to be able to handle testing of multiple homes in your project.


In addition to helping develop a strategy and have your project meet requirements, our team of specialists can help projects implement above-code efforts in ways that positively affect the bottom line and meet consumer, owner and investor demands.

production home development EXPERIENCE AND PROCESSES: 

We have worked with some of the largest developers in the country and have developed unique processes to meet production home developments' unique demands, including rating and conducting testing for multiple homes. Our team is ready to work with your team, including architects and engineers, and to coordinate with your construction managers and others as needed to seamlessly finalize your project.

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