RunBrook's Role

Our Green Globes consulting solutions are designed for developers of commercial projects and major renovations who either want to compare the cost and benefits of Green Globes against LEED, or who have already chosen the Green Globes rating system.  We help architects and developers obtain certification and integrate the program's green building principals into the design process.  If you choose to use the Green Globes rating system, RunBrook will help you design the most cost effective design approach that meets your green building objectives.  We will work with your team early in the design process to confirm that your project meets all Green Globe requirements.  Then we will help your team quantify project hard costs (i.e. building material and technology) and soft costs (i.e Green Globe consultants and Green Globe registration/certification).  After developing your plan, will help you communicate it to architects, engineers, and the trades so that each discipline is aware of their roles and responsibilities in the construction and verification process. Finally, as construction commences, you will be responsible for documenting your work so the project can be verified. RunBrook can help you:

  • Develop Green Globes project checklists

  • Coordinate the project team to encourage integrative design

  • Conduct Green Globe compliant  building energy models

  • Manual J calculations to assess HVAC system size suitability

  • Perform credit documentation services

RunBrook Green Globes


Green Globes is an online green building rating system similar to the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.  Green Globes can be used to certify commercial, multifamily residential, and major renovation projects.  Green Globes is emerging as a rating system that offers an alternative to LEED.  Both LEED and Green Globes are accepted by the General Services Administration (GSA) for governmental projects.  

ECD Energy and Environmental Canada developed "Green Globes for Existing Buildings" in 2000, and shortly thereafter "Green Globes for New Buildings Canada." In 2004, the Green Building Initiative (GBI) acquired the US rights to the Green Globes building assessment and certification program. GBI adaped the program for the US market as an alternative to the LEED building rating system. In 2005, GBI was accredited as a standards developer through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Green Globes is an online assessment protocol, rating system, and guidance for green building design, operation and management. According to GBI, Green Globes is interactive, flexible and affordable, and provides market recognition of a building’s environmental attributes through third-party verification.

Unlike other rating systems, which use independent verifiers to certify that a building meets requirements, in the Green Globes process, GBI itself verifies each Green Globes certification to ensure that building owners, facility managers and property developers meet their criteria. GBI's process relies on prescriptive measures and performance metrics to validate that the project achieved a variety of sustainability requirements.