More Value per Square Foot™ for Architects and Engineers

RunBrook's team of specialists is ready to help during the design phase of a project and beyond. Architects and engineers appreciate our experience and collaborative processes, ensuring that builders' green building, energy and other above code requirements are met. We pride ourselves in establishing long-term relationships with architects and engineers to better serve our mutual clients.

As you work with multifamily developers, production home builders and building owners, RunBrook can be a valuable part of the team.  Our consultants, energy modeling professionals, energy raters, and field inspectors add more value per square foot by optimizing the sustainable design and construction process. In addition, RunBrook's streamlined services help clients comply with building code, commission building energy systems, secure green building certifications, and take advantage of millions in above code incentives. 

Also keep in mind that if you are an architect or engineer that has done work for public entities including federal, state, and local governments, you can reduce your company's tax liability using EPAct 179D.  Since public entities do not pay taxes, they can legally allocate their energy efficiency deduction to you through the "allocation process." Qualifying improvements include HVAC, lighting, and/or building envelope improvements. 

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