Blower Door Test Readiness - A Checklist for Builders

In Florida, a blower door test is required by code to get a certificate of occupancy or “CO.” We created a Blower Door Test Readiness Builder Checklist to help our customers and their community construction managers or site superintendents (often referred to as “CCMs”) know when to call RunBrook’s technicians to schedule blower door testing. CCMs are finding this checklist helpful to avoid delays and get a CO quickly.

RunBrook Blower Door Test Readiness Builder Checklist.png

As you can see in the checklist, to pass the test it is important that:

  • windows and doors are installed and sealed,

  • recessed lights and the supply and return register are sealed,

  • there are no openings or cracks in the walls, ceiling, or windows,

  • no workers are present in the residence,

  • insulation is properly installed,

  • attic hatches are installed,

  • the electricity is on,

  • the dryer is installed properly,

  • the flooring is installed, and

  • the HVAC is on.

Download a PDF copy of the checklist here.

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