5 Steps to a Home Energy Rating

Multifamily and production home builders want to learn more about Home Energy Ratings, also called "HERS" ratings. In RunBrook' last post, we wrote about 2017 breaking the record for the number homes receiving a HERS rating. The energy rating trend is happening because buyers see energy efficiency as a major selling point when purchasing a new home.  As a result, builders want to present their homes' energy performance to buyers in an easy to understand format, such as the HERS Index Score. 

To help builders better understand what a HERS rating entails, we have put together this short video highlighting the 5 steps to a Home Energy Rating.  We hope this is helpful as builders work towards performing HERS ratings and showcasing their homes' energy efficiency.

RunBrook has also written A Residential Builder's Guide to Working with HERS Raters, to help builders obtain the most value from their HERS raters.

RunBrook's HERS raters are certified and have years of experience in building science and energy efficiency.  In addition, our company helps builders obtain the most value out of HERS by providing marketing and training assistance, as well as quick and easy access to HERS score data. RunBrook's consultants, energy modeling professionals, certified energy raters and field inspectors add more value per square foot by optimizing the sustainable design and construction process. For more information, visit: www.runbrook.com.